Faux Facebook emails use password reset ploy

Faux Facebook emails use password reset ploy – SC Magazine US.

Nothing terribly new here, but it is a good opportunity to connect some dots and reiterate a point.  Your best defense against most malicious SPAM is being able to identify it as not a legitimate source.  So that requires using the mail headers, mousing over links, looking at the general “presentation” of the email.

What if you could deliver the messages and hide all of the factors that allow you to discern that it is really SPAM?

In my previous post regarding the use of the Facebook application on your Blackberry it was noted that a well crafted email would show up in your Facebook application as a Facebook notification.  Using the malware email above, a modification to meet the requirements of the Blackberry app bypass and you have a quite convincing backdoor to get passwords or deliver malware.


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