Google Chrome and Instant Pages. A hackers new best friend?

Image representing Google Chrome as depicted i...

Image via CrunchBase

This is one of those articles where I start reading thinking, this is an interesting approach.  It seems to take caching to a new level to help speed up your web browsing experience by “pre-caching” sites before you ever go to them.

But then I make a switch from right brain “this is cool and forward thinking” to left brain “immediate paranoia”.

One of the methods (discussed ad naseum) to promote malware is the utilization of popular search terms and optimized sites to get good search engine results.  Many AV providers use a “search ahead” feature to look at the sites in your search result and give you a visual indicator of what may be a malicious page.  If Chrome independently makes the decisions to load the pages on your behalf (to make your web browsing experience better), this also provides an effective avenue for malware delivery.

While I’m certain there will be an option to disable this feature, this raises enough concern to not use Chrome 13 for me.


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