The real challenges of cutting the cord…

2011 is the year I took the plunge and finally separated my household from any cable or satellite service provider.  While my mother will say I’m just being cheap, it really is about a new way to consume entertainment/media that is “on your own terms”.  Fortunately my wife and children are very accepting of my quirks and have been (relatively) supportive during this endeavor.

Over the past couple of months I’ve done everything from changing ISPs, purchasing multiple “devices” to consume content on (or connect to my television), and tried a variety of online media outlets.  Rather than try to start at day 1 and recap how I’ve gotten here, I’m going to pick up from where I am today and then go back and fill in some of the history (hey, it worked for George Lucas!)

I’m going to also test out my (limited) WordPress abilities and try building out a specific section of the site to focus on this type of content.  Since today is October 4th 2011, my first post will be on what I was really hoping Apple would have released today… 😦


2 thoughts on “The real challenges of cutting the cord…

  1. Hey, Thanks for posting this. You have made some really interesting point in this article. I like it and I’ll keep coming back. Bye!

  2. I know if I was going to cut the cord it wouldn’t be hard for me to live without satellite, but my daughter wouldn’t adjust to it to much. Actually, lately I wouldn’t be about to live without my new shows. I don’t want to have to wait to see them online and have to wait for when they are available. I have to have them LIVE! As customer and employee with DISH, that is actually something that I wouldn’t have to ever worry about. DISH has the Sling adapter and it allows me to watch LIVE TV everywhere I go on my phone or computer. It didn’t cost me anything to get the Sling adapter because it is currently free after rebate. Plus they don’t have LIVE Sports online and I have to have it LIVE and in action! So cutting the cord isn’t meant for me! Before you anyone else does it be sure to check out DISH and all the great deals with the Sling adapter, Blockbuster Movie Pass, HD free for life or even the Google TV. It will be worth it! I’m sure your wife and kids would be excited even though they support you! That is always a great thing!


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