WSJ Live on Apple TV 4.4, an underrated update?

With all the noise about iOS 5 today, it’s been pretty easy to miss the updates for the Apple TV.  In fact, with all the news surrounding Apple, the iPhone, it’s iCloud service, etc, you would almost forget that Apple still had this TV “hobby”.

Most users will be focused on two new features.  Display mirroring and iCloud sync for photos.  However I think the Wall Street Journal Live addition should get top billing for the new feature set.

When Apple added the NBA and MLB subscription services back on March 9th this year, this is the first showing of a streaming “channel” approach that would compare to the live streams on other “web enabled” television devices.

Obviously the hardware is prepared and can handle it.  I’ve watched quite a bit of today’s WSJ live programming (and not because I was interested in the content) and was impressed with the implementation.  Now it’s in the hands of Tim Cook to see if he can leverage Apples ability to deliver the content and persuade other broadcasters to get on board also.

I will eagerly await the next quietly deployed set of Apple TV features…

(Hey Tim, Apple TV App Store?  Anyone?)


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