Is a 10 minute nationwide RoadRunner outage noticeable? Uhhh… yeah.

While all the details aren’t out yet.  It looks like Time Warner Cable/Road Runner took a 10 minute network outage today at 6:10 PDT.

From what I noted and backed up with other online resources, it looks like there may have been a “flap” with one of the core routers (pulled from DSL reports board).

Even some speculation that it may have been related to this issue noted via twitter regarding the a Juniper bug and a BGP route distribution.

Regardless the hit was widespread and has shown to have disrupted services across the globe.

Noticeable?  Absolutely.  Sadly the first indication I received was from my wife indicating that nothing at home was working.  Instinct was to call the TWC help number already preprogrammed into my phone.  When the major support numbers from TWC all inaccessible, it occurred to me that there may have been more than a local outage.

When we finally saw some monitoring reports, it was confirmed.  My wife is quicker than your average network monitoring tool.  🙂