iNeed a new Thermostat?

There was a time, nearly 4 years ago, when a $600 cell phone on the AT&T network was an absurd idea.  You would want to keep that thought in mind when you look at the new home thermostat from Nest that comes in at a mere $250.

Except this is the brainchild of some of the original Apple team that developed the iPod.  In fact the simple user interface of a large scroll wheel and simple screen are very reminiscent to the iPod itself.  NEST cites the stat that a mere 6% of programmable thermostats are actually programmed to provide the function they were purchased to do.  NEST resolves this issue by making the interface intuitive and having the thermostat “learn” your patterns to program itself.

Given the price range for wireless programmable thermostats are already in the $100+ range and I can personally attest to them being rather difficult to program.  If/when I purchase and install, I will write up a quick review.